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Pole, dark blue experience tour only as for the tide!
We chop mysterious superb view in heart

  • TOP classes consecutive for cave tour guidance results six years of Okinawa blue


It is the first experience by Malin tour Knight healing that is popular this summer in Okinawa!

We see in detail

It is the first experience by night healing

"We want to go before we die! World superb view"
Blog of author poetry Ayumu introduces

We see in detail

Author poetry Ayumu

Marine Tours

Time when non-daily life to spend in fantastic space shining blue is special.
Pole body premium Malin tour.

Until now
More than 350,000 people

Tour of tide with the no mobilization results,
It was not service that guest was satisfied with still more.
We raise satisfaction more from 2017
In tour
Tour contents of conventional tide
Blue cave fan diving tour start
Blue cave experience diving snorkeling tour start
Whale shark experience diving snorkeling tour start
Boat tour start for exclusive use of store meeting type, tide
Blue cave premium reservations tour start

Grade up!

"We want to play without waiting time"
"We want to enjoy blue cave more slowly"

New service that was born to meet the request

Blue cave 110th PREMIUM

"Blue cave tour" to look like the same contents everywhere. Sojourn time in blue cave is usually limited to tour with 20-30 minutes. We stand in long line in that, and pain of "passage type tour" to pass the cave and equipment parts, wear is only terrible, and there is "tour to be safe, and to be short".

Tide reorganizes past tour from 2017, and it is convenient for people participating in family and group, and relief, security provides high-quality tour!
Let's thoroughly enjoy mysterious superb view on "cave tour of pole body blue" that we can experience only in tide.

Check Point

Service of tide which is different from other shops.
With clean men's and women's equipment parts and full facilities, let's enjoy Malin tour for comfortable & security.


As for Malin activity in Okinawa and blue cave tour, leave it to us.
Specialty concierge who satisfies various guests.

Staff introduction

Concierge specialized in cave of Okinawa blue


"You were allowed to choose this shop!"
Blue cave Malin tour word-of-mouth communication diary

  • Aichi, Marcie

    Shower was fully equipped with and was easy to do change of clothes. Free rental of towel is good, too. There was mask with degree without glasses and was not in trouble.

  • Shizuoka, NICO nkotobi

    Boat was comfortable. We did not walk and were comfortable. Guide was very interesting, too and was gentle. As man and woman was different in the facility, it was available in peace.

  • Tokyo, jamutsu

    We thought that boat tour was smooth and was enough. Kindness is considerably enough for the staff. We will come next year ♪ Both shop and equipment parts are very good with beauty. It was perfect!

  • Tochigi, Kurosaki Refractories

    We were able to enjoy by kind careful tour. OK one could go to other places for sightseeing empty-handed after being over and was good at all with convenience.


In Malin support tide Zanpa, scenic spot "Cape Zanpa" outstanding of Okinawa Island is near. It is located in the best location overlooking the East China Sea.
■The location: 〒 904-0325 950, Senaha, Yomitan-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa (reservation reception desk / from 8:00 to 22:00 year round)

Okinawa MAP
Of West Coast resort Aria as for Malin support tide of popularity is almost located in the center.
It is most suitable to go round each tourist attraction of Okinawa Island. It is easy to make the next plan after tour participation, too and southern Aria, northern part Aria is car together and can go within the range of approximately one hour!
Okinawa access image
Almost none of the people borrowing rent-a-car from during duration of stay by trip to Okinawa.
Equipped with free parking lot which can contain up to 50 Malin support tides.
If is staying in resort hotel of neighborhood, is car by car than Zanpa Royal Hotel than Japan Airlines ant handbill hotel for five minutes; good access tonateimasu for one minute.

Seeing Spots

A lot of tourist attractions where nature beach among Nature and Ryukyu glass, culture such as ceramic art breathe are in Yomitan-son, Okinawa.
We choose recommended tourist attraction that we want to certainly perform if we stop at Yomitan-son by trip to Okinawa and introduce.
You refer to, and please enjoy trip to Okinawa.

  1. Cape Zanpa

    Cape Zanpa

    Access: Is car than our store; two minutes

  2. Ti-da33

    Zanpa resort

    Access: Is car than our store; two minutes

  3. The sea where GALA is blue

    The sea where GALA is blue

    Access: Is car than our store; ten minutes

  4. Experience-based kingdom irregularity coming out irregularity

    Experience-based kingdom irregularity coming out irregularity

    Access: Is car than our store; seven minutes

  5. Zakimi Castle trace

    Zakimi Castle trace

    Access: Is car than our store; ten minutes

  6. yachimunno village

    yachimunno village

    Access: Is car than our store; 12 minutes

Please feel free to contact
098-958-2646 098-958-2646

Reception desk: From 08:00 to 22:00 year round